7 Home Design Trends 2018 Will Bring

The new year is right around the corner, and along with all those resolutions everyone is making comes a whole slew of home design trends that homeowners will be coveting and implementing into their interiors.

If you’re looking to revamp your home’s decor and want to stay in line with what’s trending in the world of interior design, here are a few design trends that you’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2018.

1. Color in the Kitchen

All-white kitchens have been all the rage for a few years now, giving the space a lot of brightness while keeping things classic and simple. While the white trend is far from over, the infusion of more color in this hub of the home is gaining some traction. Homeowners are longing for something a little more interesting in their kitchens, and adding some color is the perfect way to do it.

Not only does some added color in the kitchen create more visual interest, it can also help make this space warmer and more inviting and help to add a more personal touch to the room. The addition of color can also make it easier to camouflage those stains that are easily made when preparing meals.

2. Floral Prints

Very popular in the 1980s, the floral print is back with a bang in the realm of home design. While the trend never really went away completely, floral print in interior decor hasn’t really been all that popular over the recent past.

That’s all going to change as 2018 rolls around, as floral prints will be seen in many facets of home decor, including wallpaper, bedding, drapery, and even chair covers. You can expect to see florals that are particularly bold and vibrant thanks to their contrasting color palettes and large blossom prints.

3. Concrete

Concrete isn’t just a staple in home construction; instead, it can be successfully incorporated into interior design when done right. Many interior designers are choosing to use concrete in unexpected ways. This material can be used in all sorts of manners thanks to its versatility in shape, pattern, texture, and even color.

In 2018, concrete accents will become more and more popular and will be increasingly seen in pieces such as table tops, counters, sinks, and even accent walls.

4. Vintage Light Fixtures

Vintage is the new modern, especially when it comes to lighting. The new year will bring a slew of vintage light pieces that will help nostalgic homeowners bring back a little bit of retro history back into their interiors.

Pieces such as geometrically-shaped industrial lights, vintage Edison bulbs, and copper pendant lamps are on their way back and will be an increasingly desired design piece for homeowners.

5. Wood Walls

While the thought of wood on walls may conjure up images of that unsightly faux-wood paneling that was popular back in the 1970s, today’s modern paneling is much richer and pleasing to the eye. The modern wooden walls of today are just that – wood. There’s no room for fake material for today’s sophisticated homeowner, and the current wood panel trend is on point.

Woodworking designs on walls can help to greatly enhance the look and feel of an interior, helping homeowners put a more personalized spin on their interiors. Done right, wood panels on walls can make a space seem much more luxurious and cozy. Whether painted or left to expose the natural hue of wood in all its glory, wood panels on walls will certainly be a more sought-after design trend in 2018.

6. Wallpaper-Inspired Kitchen Backsplashes

Wallpaper has already been a huge trend in the world of interior design for the past few years, but its decorative effect is inspiring more and more homeowners to change things up with their kitchen backsplashes. While wallpaper itself isn’t exactly a practical choice of material in this particular space, other types of materials can be strategically used to mimic the look of wallpaper on a backsplash.

Detailed tile designs – whether in glass, ceramic, or natural stone – can add a fascinating structural element to a backsplash while being much more water-resistant compared to actual wallpaper.

7. Metal and Wood Furniture Mixes

Metal is a very modern material that’s been pretty popular in the world of interior design, but mixing it with more natural materials like wood can take the edge off its potentially cold feel and create a wonderful blend. The combination of shiny metals and warm woods is a simple way to introduce organic elements with modern vibes to any room in the home.

There are a few different ways to mix these two seemingly polar opposite materials together in furniture. For instance, consider choosing chairs or tables with metal seats and exposed wood legs. Or, pair all-metal chairs with all-wood tables for an eclectic look yet warm look.

The Bottom Line

Many of the interior design trends you’ll be seeing in 2018 are comebacks from trends of yesteryear with a little modern update and twist. Others are rather eclectic and somewhat out-of-the-box that may require stepping out of your comfort zone to consider. Nonetheless, the design trends of 2018 will certainly bring some visual interest to interiors. If you’re longing for an overhaul in your home, give any one of the above design trends a shot to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of home design.