Bruce Bousman

Bruce Bousman

Broker Associate, REALTOR®

(805) 559-5900
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DRE 01892465

Bruce is trustworthy, helpful, highly recommended, considerate, professional, knowledgeable, detail oriented, and actually likes what he does.

He also believes that people are smart, was a band geek, is a work in progress, has a dial that goes to 11, was at one time offered a job with the CIA, has two words to say: Springsteen live, puts Tobasco on everything, honestly believes there’s no such thing as a bad day of fishing, makes some damn fine chili, knows the night cleaner’s name, thinks that although the truth sometimes hurts, it’s easier to remember than a lie, smiles at fireflies, doesn’t take the small things for granted, fights the good fight, but saves his bullets for the really big battles, rides a mountain bike, believes in paying it forward, has a point of view, but wants to hear yours, enjoys a nice glass of red wine, has a green thumb, gets sentimental over things you probably wouldn’t understand, believes in himself, has a soft side for heavy metal, has his parents’ love letters but will never read them because that would just be awkward, can’t be offended, but go ahead and try, wants to go prospecting for gold, remembers his dad’s war stories, will one day be that guy on the beach with a metal detector, knows when to speak up, but more importantly, knows when to shut up, is a dad to Matt, a daddy to Kristin and a best friend to Charlotte and Bo.

And that’s why I married him.


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