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George Bukhin is proudly living the American Dream and real estate is a big part of that. Born in Ukraine when it was still part of the Soviet Union, he was brought to the U.S. as an infant when his family emigrated here and he grew up with an unwavering love for this country and its endless opportunities. He served in the United States Marine Corps infantry for seven years and later, missing that camaraderie and action, he became a Police Officer in the Los Angeles area. Always passionate about real estate, through sheer guts and hard work he turned it from a hobby into a successful career. Using his own assets, he learned the kind of valuable lessons you don’t learn without skin in the game – experience that many “expert” real estate agents simply don’t have. Would you hire an accountant that had never managed his own money? Real estate isn’t just George’s job, it’s his lifeblood.

Since 2014, George has professionally managed real estate properties including single family homes, vacation rentals, apartment buildings, and mixed-use developments. Property management is what stoked his passion for buying, selling, and managing his own real estate. His proudest accomplishment is a property in Big Bear Lake that he bought and transformed into a vacation rental. It quickly generated positive cash flow and ranked as the 2nd most successful short-term rental in its category the first year. He sold it the second year for a 100% profit that he rolled tax-free into another property through 1031 Exchange.

George started to wonder why he was paying real estate agents to do a job that he could do better himself. He became a Realtor out of a desire to use the added value of his experience to help others grab that real estate piece of the American dream. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a real estate investor buying and selling properties, George is a relentless worker who will fight tirelessly for your best interests. His focus is on single family homes, townhomes, condos, investment properties, and rental properties throughout Los Angeles County and Ventura County.

George is an avid Scuba Diver and can’t wait to dive with Great Whites in Isla Guadalupe in the Summer of 22′. George also has two awesome water dogs named Colt and Grizzly. George is a member of the National Association of Realtors and a huge supporter of active and former military personnel, first responders and he has often done volunteer work in international and humanitarian causes. Most of all, he is passionate about helping others with real estate, loves talking shop about it, and can’t wait to meet you to discuss your real estate needs and ambitions – and maybe open your eyes to what you didn’t know was possible.